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Ask Your Local Stone Mason: How Do You Calculate The Amount Of Stone Needed For A Stone Wall?

February 23, 2015
Freestanding fieldstone wall featured on a property in Chapin Estate, Bethel, NY.

As your Local Stone Mason in Sullivan County, I am often asked by some local “do-it-yourselfers” with small stonewall projects…

…”how do you calculate the amount of stone needed for a stonewall?”

My first answer is almost always…”More than you think…!”

This answer often yields confused expressions on a person’s face…But it IS true!

I have been building stonewalls in Sullivan County for a very long time and have always found that the more stones you have available…the easier the construction of the stonewall and the better the aesthetic.

There are many factors that define how a stonewall will look and how it can be built.  But,…as a rule of thumb…Know the length, width, and height of your proposed stonewall. This will give you the number of cubic yards needed.  (L x W x H = #cu yds).

Divide by 27 and you now know the number of cubic feet.  (L x W x H = #cu yds/27)

Follow these simple steps too to help define your stonewall project:

1st…The purpose of the wall is important.  Does it retain…?  Is it freestanding much like an old farmer’s stonewall that cuts through the middle of a hay field?

2nd…Where will the stonewall be built?  Is the ground level?  Is there easy access to the site?

3rd…What is your experience with building a stonewall?  If you are a novice…Don’t fret! But you will need patience and a strong back!

And 4th…COST!  Stone these days comes in a larger variety of color, sizes, and finishes than ever before. This variety will come at a cost though. Choose a stone aesthetic that you find appealing and one that fits your budget. New York Fieldstone is a local favorite choice that maintains continuity with the environment on which it is to be built and be displayed here in Sullivan County!

New York Fieldstone is my preferred stone medium here in Sullivan County. It can be purchased by the cubic foot, or by the ton. Note that your local stone yard may vary with how they sell their stone products.

Building a stonewall can be a daunting task! Contact your Local Stone Mason, Patrick, for advice or for a quote for your local project to help you get started this Spring!

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